Our Company Mur-Ar construction Investment ltd.

Our company  Constrution Investment ltd.has been build by two partners,who are from Belgium and Turkey in 2004.The base of the company is Side area,whiche is the most visited historical town in Turkey, by tourist during the whole year.Depending on the purpose to offer, to our valued clients the best properties ,we are building,private,uniq and elit properties with  highest quality.

We are ready to assist you to buy properties by every step of process,whiche have been build by us or by  several other companies,we trust the build quality as well.

We are also marketing,letting,maintaining  all properties whiche belong to local or foreiners in our areas.

Depending on the economic developments in the whole world, real estate continues to be the most reliable investment vehicle. Despite some economic crises, long term investment makes a strong gain and the most valuable investment is in the real estate sector. By investing in real estate properties offered to you, you can earn profit without taking a risk. From home, land, commercial properties and similar products that you buy below the normal value of the market and sell after a certain period, you can enjoy the comfort of risk-free investment and profitability.